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Cake Balls
Are Cake Balls fully cooked?
  Yes, our cake balls are fully baked.
Do I need to refrigerate Cake Balls as soon as I get them?
  We recommend it if you will be going more than a day before serving.
Cake Balls have a shelf life of 4-5 days at room temperature and can
last more than two weeks when refrigerated.  Be sure to serve at room
temperature. We do not advise freezing Cake Balls, however if you need
to, they can be kept frozen in an airtight container for up to 1 month.
Do you do Cake Balls for weddings?
  Yes! We love Weddings...We currently offer a 1-piece clear or white box for $2.75, a 2-piece clear or white box for $4.50 per box, ribbon can be added to match your colors for an additional fee per box. We can also customize favor gift boxes to match the colors of your wedding. We also have our 1-piece cello-bag tied with ribbon for $2.50 each. Our cake balls make the perfect wedding favors, your guests will love them!

In lieu of a grooms cake our Cake Balls make the perfect groom's cake in place of a traditional wedding cake or added to a Dessert Bar. Perfect for that late night snack passed on trays with our milk shots or coffee. Please contact us to place an order.
How can I tell which Cake Ball flavor is which?
  We include a flavor card inside each of our Cake Ball gift set boxes.
How do I store my Cake Balls?
  We recommend you store them in the refrigerator until serving to your
guests, upon serving make sure your Cake Balls are at room temperature.
Refrigerate them upon arrival so they maintain their freshness.
How many Cake Ball flavors can I have per dozen?
  You can pick up to four flavors per dozen, divided evenly across the dozen.
How many Cake Balls do I need per person?
  We recommend 2-3 per person. For larger events, you can average 1-2 per person.
How well do Cake Balls hold up outside?
  Humidity and temperatures above seventy five degrees have long been the
enemies of chocolate confections everywhere and Cake Balls are no
exception. We recommend keeping Cake Balls in an indoor, climate
controlled location.
What are Cake Balls?
  Cake balls are similar in size to a large truffle with the visual
atheistic of a fine chocolate and the flavor and texture variation of
cake inside.
What size are the Cake Balls?
  Our cake balls are about 1.50-inches round, approximately the size of a
large truffle.  When serving at a party, we recommend 2 to 3 per person.

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