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Can I place a cupcake order on the same day that I need them?
  Yes, we are able to take same day pickup orders, only available cupcake
flavors will be offered. Please call us at (316) 681-2253 to place a same
day order.  For same day orders for delivery there is a $7 extra charge.
Can you do wedding cupcakes?
  Yes! We offer Wedding Cupcakes & arranging Cupcake Towers for the
Bride & Groom.
Please call us to set up a consultation about our
wedding packages and offerings. We bake and deliver your cupcakes to you
on the day of your event and even will set-up for an additional fee. We
also offer individual packaged cupcake wedding favors and custom
coloring frosting.
Can you write Happy Birthday on Sweetly Scrumptious Cupcakes?
  All of Sweetly Scrumptious cupcakes are decorated to reflect the flavor
of the cupcake. We do not write on our cupcakes unless a Custom Order
has been placed, but you can purchase birthday candles from us ($0.30
for single candle, $1.95 for 12 pack of assorted candles, $5.00 for
Happy Birthday candles). We also have in-store edible Happy Birthday,
Congrats, It's a Girl, It's a Boy, Thank You, Get Well Soon sugar
decorations ($0.50 each or $6 for 12).
Do you ship Sweetly Scrumptious Cupcakes?
  No we do not ship our cupcakes at this time. We only deliver by local courier in Wichita and surrounding areas.
Do your cupcakes contain dairy/sugar/flour/nuts?
  Sweetly Scrumptious cupcakes are made with dairy, sugar, and flour. We
do use nuts in a variety of our cupcakes, we also bake closely with
peanut products on the premises and we do not recommend our cupcakes to
people with any nut or peanut allergies. We do offer Vegan & Gluten
Free Cupcakes by Special order only (must have 72 hours notice).
How do I order cupcakes?
  Please call us at (316) 681-2253.
For an advance order or delivery, we require a minimum order of 1 dozen
regular cupcakes, 2 dozen mini cupcakes. Please place your order at
least 24-48 hours in advance and allow more notice for large orders and
holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter,
Mothers Day, and Halloween.
How do I store Sweetly Scrumptious Cupcakes?
  Sweetly Scrumptious cupcakes are best at room temperature and eating
them on the day they are purchased, since we bake them fresh. If need to
store overnight wrap the box/container with plastic wrap or place the
cupcakes in an airtight container. We do not recommend putting them in
the refrigerator, doing so will dry out the cake.
If I order in advance can I mix and match any of your flavors?
  Yes. If you are ordering in advance for pick up or delivery, you can
choose a limited number of the same flavor per dozen. We also offer our
"Best Seller Collection" which is a dozen of  assorted cupcakes of our
in-store displayed flavors.
Why a cupcake?
  Cupcakes are FUN, perfect size, & easy to eat! Don't bore your
guests with the same ole sheet cake...Offer a variety of our delicious
flavors of Cupcakes.

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